Sealfresh, an innovative Vacuum Food Storage System for the home kitchen

Seal Fresh is the ideal tool that revolutionizes the concept of vacuum food storage at home. The system consists of a pump (battery or manual) and specially designed bags, containers and universal lids, and the recently introduced wine cap.

  •  Seals freshness
  • Retains nutrients
  • Preserves Flavours
  • Saves money by reducing wastage
  • Keeps your fridge organised and odour free

And because of its handy size and affordable pricing, it can become an essential appliance in every home kitchen. 

Sealfresh Auto Pump  – (Battery Operated)

A must for every kitchen! Small enough to fit in the kitchen drawer. Vacuums in seconds at a touch of a button. Use it to preserve all kinds of foods with our specially designed bags, containers and universal lids  

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Sealfresh Manual Pump
Lightweight manual vacuum pump ideal for travelling, picnics and out-door use. Designed to be  use with specially designed bags, containers and universal lids

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Sealfresh Vacuum Bags
Unlike any other food bag on the market, these come with a patented vacuum valve system making them reusable time and time again. Ideal for fresh vegetables and fruits, cheeses, breads, meats and cold cuts.

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Sealfresh Flat and Round Containers.
Ideal for vacuum storing any kind of food, liquids or semi-liquids included, such as soups, chopped vegetables, fruit salads, rice salads etc…These containers also help you keep your fridge tidy and smell free. You can vacuum seal containers in seconds.

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Universal Lid
Simply place the lid over your own food container and use the pump to ‘vacuum’ seal it. Preserves flavour and freshness until you are ready to eat it. Great Available in 3 sizes.

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Vacuum Wine bottle cap
What do you do with your left-over wine? We have a great solution.
Simply ‘vacuum’ seal it with this revolutionary cap. It takes just a few seconds! As the air has now been extracted, there is no further oxidation, thereby retaining the wines’ original flavour and aroma.

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Some Words From Our Clients

“Even after 7 days, my greens are looking as fresh and crisp as the day I bought them. I used to
have to throw them away. Now no more”.
Mrs Sheth, London HA3
“Simply brilliant. Love the simple manual pump. The food really lasts so much longer”
Cristina, Watford
“Used it to marinade some left-over chicken. Literally within minutes I was able to enjoy a delicious meal”
Julie, Northwood